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With the advancement in medical science and plenty of safe weight loss surgeries to choose from the dream of having a perfect body is a reality now!

Loose upto 80% from your excess weight through Stomach banding, or Sleeve Gastrectomy, or Gastric Band, or Gastric Balloon.

The fact that you are researching bariatric surgeries proves that you have had a long and frustrating fight against obesity and that you have tried all other possible ways of weight loss including diets, exercise etc. Bariatric surgeries or weight loss surgeries are a permanent solution to the weight problems. The surgeries have more than 95% success rate and most patients loose anywhere between 65% to 80% of their body weight within 6 months to and year of the surgery. With bariatric surgery, You know the solution to your problem, we are here to help you reach the right solution in the most convenient way! Mirage Group provides you with multiple options for weight loss procedure using minimally invasive technique for fast recovery and effective results.

All weight loss surgeries are done using the Laparoscope and are minimally invasive surgeries for fast recovery and high efficiency. The surgery best suited for you will be decided after consultation with the specialist doctors, after you choose the right one for you from our list of doctors.

Please be assured that all your medical details will be kept private. You will be assigned a dedicated concierge who will be at your call 24 hours a day. He will visit with you to the hospital, follow up visits, recreation tours, shopping trips and anywhere else.

Options of weight loss surgeries:-

  • Gastric Balloon
  • Gastric Band
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Stomach Banding

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