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Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the body's own 'healing' cells that have capacity to multiply indefinitely and form specialized cells of the body such as lung, liver, heart etc. in case of injury or damage. Stem cell therapy involves isolation of stem cells from the bone marrow or Adipose tissue. Since stem cells are isolated from the patient’s own body, they are safe and easily acceptable by the body. The procedure of isolation is very simple and is minimally invasive causing no discomfort or pain. Innumerable research studies have demonstrated potential of stem cell therapy in treatment of degenerative diseases. It has tremendously improved quality of life of patients and aided in complete regeneration and repair of tissues. Moreover, the treatment uses adult sources of stem cells and it ethically approved,

International Patient Concierge

Advancells is committed to provide the safest and the highest quality of personalized treatment to all our patients. Our International Team is well-trained to provide complete on site support; in order to further ensured complete state of the art care, during your stay. 

From the time of your arrival until after your therapy here at Advancells, your international patient concierge is here to assist you in all your needs, including familiarizing our esteemed clients with hospitals and areas of treatment.

International Concierge Services

  • Assistance in Visa and planning travel itinerary.  
  • Assistance in getting comfortable Accommodation in nearby location.
  • Travel Assistance for sight seeing 
  • Assisting with your interpretation services
  • Assisting with multiple payment options. 
  • Expedite arrival with fast track registration 

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