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Organ Specific Disorders

Stem cell therapy has been extremely beneficial in functional recovery of various organ specific conditions such as Liver damage, kidney disorders, Diabetes, cardiovascular and lung diseases, Critical limb ischemia and Erectile dysfunction. This has potential to eliminate dependency on organ transplants or major surgeries. Stem cells have helped in stopping the progression of the disease with long lasting improvements in diseased conditions. Below are few organ specific conditions that have been treated with stem cell therapy.

Diabetes is a metabolic condition resulting in high blood sugar levels in the body. It has been linked to kidney disorders, stroke, CLI, blindness and heart diseases. Diabetic patients have observed stabilization of their blood sugar levels and reduced dependence on insulin after stem cell therapy.

Liver is the organ responsible for metabolism and detoxification of toxins. Damage to liver in form of Cirrhosis, Hepatitis or an infection can slow down processing of nutrients and synthesis of essential proteins. About 2/3 rd of the patients have observed long lasting improvement after stem cell therapy.

Kidney diseases are either acute or chronic resulting in dependence on dialysis or transplantation. Stem cell therapy has benefitted patients in repairing damage and also is a risk

free strategy no immune rejection.

Lung diseases result in poor passage of air flow resulting in difficulty breathing and cough. Stem cell therapy can reduce inflammation caused by the pollutants and accelerate the regeneration of air tubes and sacs.

Cardiovascular diseases are a group of disorders affecting heart muscles, arteries and mainly occur due to blockage of the blood supply. Regenerative medicine is an alternative non-invasive treatment strategy for repairing damaged heart cells and improving overall functioning capacity.

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