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Eye Disorders

Human eye is a complex yet delicate organ Functional abnormality in either of the eye components can lead to vision impairment. Eye disorders include Optic Nerve Atrophy, Age related macular degeneration and retinopathies. With stem cell therapy, it is possible to restore back normal vision by channelizing them into photoreceptor cells, corneal cells, optic nerves and muscles. Stem cells are administered through retrobulbar mode for maximum recovery. Autologous route of treatment is performed for eye disorders where patient’s own bone marrow and adipose tissue stem cells will be extracted and processed for infusion through a minimally invasive procedure.

Optic nerve atrophy is a group of disorders that limit the functioning of the optic nerve i.e. transmission of accurate information to the visual acuity. This affects the central, peripheral and color vision

Age related macular degeneration is either Dry AMD or Wet AMD depending that affects the macula which is the most sensitive region of the eye. The central field of vision is blinded by dark spots leading to blurry or distorted images.

Retinitis Pigmentosa affects the light sensitive cells of the retina known as the rods and cones. Thesea re responsible for sending the minute details of the image to the brain via optic nerve. Current treatments are supportive therapies that do not completely restore the vision. This can include medicinal supplements, laser or surgical interventions. With stem cell therapy, the focus is to treat the disease itself while also restoring the vision of the patients.

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